Product Details 


MKT’s HVAC Screw is a sharp pointed, fine thread screw for use in sheet metals of several gauges.


No pre drilling is needed as the combination of a heat treated, sharp point and aggressive starting threads with fine thread up the shank provides a positive threading, chip free hole.


  • The sharp point provides positive, fast starts in sheet metal.
  • The fine thread up the shank rolls the material back instead of cutting chips that corrode quickly and cause a rattle in ductwork where vibration is present.
  • The rolled material creates a larger bearing surface creating a more positive hold.
  • The fine thread also provides better clamping forces on thinner materials.
  • The MKT HVAC Screw is
    • available in economical bulk packs only,
    • lower cost option compared to other sharp pointed, fine thread screws,
    • heat treated to provide a hardened, sharp point and excellent thread cutting capabilities.
  • The washer face has anti-backing serrations to keep it in place in harsh, vibratory conditions.


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