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The newest version of the Anchor Design Software has been uploaded. You will need to delete the old version in order to upload version 2.1.3.

Additional technical data and CAD files for Sup-R Stud+

For our Sup-R Stud+ anchor we provide CAD files and design loads. Thus, the Sup-R Stud+ can be integrated directly into the design drawings and specifications. These files can be downloaded under the DOWNLOADS section and in the RESOURCES category.

How to find the right anchor for an application?

The greater the number of choices, the harder it is to choose. There are so many different types of anchors that it is not always easy to choose the right one.

For this reason, we have prepared an application overview for both our mechanical and adhesive anchors. In each overview the anchors are compared based on their performance and application details.

MKT products with DOT approvals

We are continually expanding the number of products that have received DOT approval from a variety of states.

Considering Seismic Anchoring?

The most easy to use anchor design software has been improved to also be the most powerful. The MKT Anchor Design software V2.1.2 has just been released and allows the designer to calculate seismic loads, including applying the Ω0 factor for your application. All seismic calculations are according to ACI 318-14 and allow the designer to evaluate every load factor and load combination possible.

ICC ES Approval for Sup-R Bolt

MKT Fastening proudly announces that the International Code Council has APPROVED the Sup-R Bolt for Cracked, Uncracked and Seismic applications. Here you can find the approval and technical information.

The Arrival of the Sup-R Bolt

We proudly present our new Sup-R Bolt. It is made of high strength steel and is designed for use with ANSI tolerance drill bits. It can be quickly installed with powered impact wrenches and also removed. It resists seismic loads and the ICC ES approval is in process. The Sup-R Bolt is available from 3/8“ to 3/4“ up to 10“ long.

How to use a Taper Bolt

Get to know how easy it is to install a Taper Bolt and what its benefits are. The two-part reusable Taper Bolt System works with Jersey Barriers on the highway or tilt-up walls in construction. Our Taper Bolt allows the shaft to be reused over and over again with the nut being the only part that is replaceable.