Update of the MKT Anchor Design Software

The MKT Anchor Design software version 2.1.0 has just been released. Several improvements have been included to make the software more user friendly with more anchor choices:

  • Multiple anchor types can now be selected for consideration at the same time
  • Design information has been added for Liquid Roc 200, Liquid Roc 500+ and the Sup-R-Stud V-TZ
  • Data for the Sup-R-Stud+ and VME adhesive has been updated
  • Images of the products are shown in the selection box
  • Verification of creep failure has been added into the design calculation
  • Calculation of an elastic base plate design with stress analysis is offered as an option
  • Load information can be entered directly into a summary table located on the design board

Users attempting to open an old version will automatically be prompted to download the new version. All calculations are based on ACI 318-14, Chapter 17 anchor design guidelines. In addition to a range of concrete strengths, the user can also select cracked or uncracked, concrete with or without reinforcement as well as a wide variety of base plate selections. 

Here you can download your copy.

Before installing version 2.1.0, you must remove any prior version from your computer. Then go to https://www.mktfastening.com/download/software/anchor-design-software and follow the command prompts.  This will walk you through the installation process.  Feel free to call 800-336-1640 with any questions.