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The Arrival of the Sup-R Bolt

We proudly present our new Sup-R Bolt. It is made of high strength steel and is designed for use with ANSI tolerance drill bits. It can be quickly installed with powered impact wrenches and also removed. It resists seismic loads and the ICC ES approval is in process. The Sup-R Bolt is available from 3/8“ to 3/4“ up to 10“ long.

Come see what’s new at IFS 2018 from MKT Fastening! October 30th – November 1st, Booth #2200

The fasteners show is an excellent opportunity to see what is new and innovative from the past year and into the upcoming one.

Come see our 2 new products at STAFDA that will increase your sales!

Last year, the Stafda Trade Show welcomed 6,000 visitors. Were you one of them? If so, we’d be delighted to see you again this year. (And if you weren’t there, we’d be delighted to welcome you for the first time). Take this opportunity, and get your information directly from the source!

How to use a Taper Bolt

Get to know how easy it is to install a Taper Bolt and what its benefits are. The two-part reusable Taper Bolt System works with Jersey Barriers on the highway or tilt-up walls in construction. Our Taper Bolt allows the shaft to be reused over and over again with the nut being the only part that is replaceable.

Self Drilling Screw

MKT’s Self Drilling Screws are available in bulk packaging. Each screw comes with a carbon steel body and a hardened tip for cutting.
Screws are coated with a 1000 hour salt spray tested Ruspert coating to protect against corrosion.

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